Онлайн концерт: Квартет гітаристів «Київ»
Online concert: Guitar Quartet "Kyiv"

20-01-2021 19:00

Online concert: Guitar Quartet "Kyiv"

20-01-2021 19:00


A concert called "Fire of the Heart" will take place on January 20th, 2021. In addition to popular contemporary works, the Guitar Quartet “Kyiv” will present two compositions of singer and composer Roman Smolyar based on poems by Ukrainian poets Pavlo Tychyna and Vasyl Stus. These works will be performed by the author as soloist.


The Guitar Quartet "Kyiv", which was created by the famous musician Volodymyr Sharuyev almost thirty years ago. As the leader of the quartet, he involved his own students, graduates of the Petro Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music of Ukraine - Ruslan Cheremnykh, Oleg Grigorovich and Maria Sharuyeva. The Guitar Quartet “Kyiv” perform concerts with success in Ukraine and abroad.


Give yourself an evening of incredible emotions and join the online broadcast of this concert from the Column Hall named after Mykola Lysenko live on January 20, 2021.


Start at 19:00.




W. Gomez - Ancient Spanish Romance


L. Alan - Fire Of The Heart


O. Poplyanova - Milonga, Tango, Rumba


K. Vilensky - Ragtime


M. Sokolov - Gypsy Polka


G. Mancini – The Pink Panther


D. Lerman - Peruvian Waltz


L. Einaudi - Fly


S. Abreu-J. Cardoso - Tico-Tico


J. Jimenez - Luis Alonso's Wedding


A. Ivchenko - Gypsy Fantasy


A. Lara - Granada


K. Velazquez - We Weigh A Lot


R. Smolyar, lyrics by P. Tychyna - Maria


R. Smolyar, lyrics by V. Stus - Burning Pine



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