Онлайн концерт: Від Баха до П’яццолли
Online concert: From Bach to Piazzolla

21-01-2021 19:00

Online concert: From Bach to Piazzolla

21-01-2021 19:00


On January 21, 2021 the National Chamber Ensemble “Kyiv Soloists” under the direction of Igor Puchkov will present a concert program called "From Bach to Piazzolla". Exquisite classics from antiquity to the present will be performed. Cellists Igor Chekaylo and Igor Patsovsky will be soloists.


The pinnacle of Paganini's work and the virtuoso skill of violinists is his famous "24 caprices for the Violin Solo." Also in the repertoire of many performers are variations of Paganini, for example, on the themes of Rossini's operas. This evening, in particular, you can hear his "One-String Variations on a Theme from the Opera "Moses in Egypt" by Gioachino Rossini. Cellist Igor Patsovsky, who will perform the solo part in this work, said:


"The original version is for violin and in C minor, in cello - in D minor. But the complexity of the work is the same, considering that Paganini did not play the cello… It is known that Paganini could perform works even if one or more strings were missing on the violin. For example, when a string broke at his concert, he continued to play without stopping. Therefore, these variations are a clear example of such a difficult situation. "


Enjoy exquisite classics in the concerts of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine! Join the live broadcast of the concert from the Mykola Lysenko Column Hall live on January 21, 2021. Start at 19:00.




J. S. Bach. Brandenburg Concerto № 3 in G major, BWV 1048


W. A. ​​Mozart. Divertissement № 3 for Strings F major, KV 138


N. Paganini. One-String Variations on a Theme from G. Rossini's “Moses in Egypt” for Cello and Chamber Orchestra


G. Rossini. Sonata № 3 for Strings in C major


A. Piazzolla. Grand Tango


P. Tchaikovsky. "Souvenir de Florence" in D minor, TV 70


K. Vilensky . Two Carols in Jazz Style


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