Онлайн концерт: Музичні інструменти світу
Online Concert-Talk: Musical instruments of the World

24-01-2021 12:00

Online Concert-Talk: Musical instruments of the World

24-01-2021 12:00


The National Philharmonic of Ukraine will present a concert-talk about musical instruments for young and middle-aged children on January 24, 2021. Music of Ukrainian and world classical composers will be played. Beginning at 12.00.


The unsurpassed musicologist Svitlana Koretska will tell legends and stories about strings, wind and percussion instruments, as well as about the history of such ancient Ukrainian musical instruments as cymbals and bagpipes. The characteristic sound of various unique musical instruments will be demonstrated by the musicians of the Ensemble of Folk Instruments "Ridni Naspivy". Discover new musical pages of Ukrainian antiquity or modernity!




M. Leontovich. Generous


B. Matviychuk. Musical Mosaic


I. Gaidenko. Tale


S. Bashtan. Impromptu


F. Chrysler. A Small Viennese March


V. Popadyuk. Fantasy On Hutsul Melodies


Y. Giraud. Under The Sky Of Paris


K. Myaskov. A Walk Through Kyiv


A. Shilov. We Walk Together


I. Sukhoverkhy. Garland of Ukrainian Melodies



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