Онлайн концерт: «Фридерик Шопен». Інеса Порошина (фортепіано)
Online Concert: “FREDERIC CHOPIN”/ Inesa Poroshyna, piano

20-06-2022 17:00

Online Concert: “Frederic Chopin”. Inesa Poroshyna, piano

On June 20, the National Philharmonic of Ukraine will livestream a concert “Frederic Chopin” performed by a pianist Inesa Poroshyna in the Mykola Lysenko Hall.

There is a concept of ‘favorite repertoire’ among musicians. You keep coming back to it, don’t get tired to play and every time you find something new. Music by Frederic Chopin is such a repertoire for Ukrainian pianist Inesa Poroshyna. Professional interest of the musician includes works by Western European classics (Mozart, Beethoven, Grieg, Dvořák). But Chopin has a special and exceptional place in the pianist’s programs.

Inessa Poroshyna regularly performs music by Chopin at various concert venues. It’s worth noting that she has performed Chopin works in Żelazowa Wola, the composer’s hometown and at the Chopin Classic Music Festival in the beautiful town of Valldemossa (Mallorca, Spain).

Frederic Chopin

Concert Program:

- 12 Preludes, Op.28

- 5 Mazurkas: in B flat major, Op.17 No.1; in E minor, Op. 17, No.2; in G minor, Op. 30 No.1; in B minor, Op.30 No.2; in C sharp minor, Op. 41 No.4

- 5 Nocturnes: in F sharp major, Op. 15 No.2, мі-бемоль мажор, тв. 9 № 2, in G minor, Op.37 No.1, in F minor, Op. 55 No.1, in C sharp minor, Op.posth.

- 5 Waltzes: in E minor, Op. posth.; in A minor, Op.34 No.2; in F major, Op.34 No.3; in A sharp minor, Op.64 No.2; Grande Valse Brillante in E-flat major, Op.18   


Give yourself to a pleasant evening with an exquisite music performed by amazing musician.  Join a live stream concert from the Mykola Lysenko Column Hall on June 20. The concert starts at 17:00.

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