Онлайн концерт: Made in Ukraine / Квартет баяністів імені Миколи Різоля
Online Concert: “Made in Ukraine” / Rizol Bayan Quartet

18-05-2022 17:00


OLEH SHYIAN, second bayan

IHOR SAYENKO, bayan baritone



On May 16, the National Philharmonic of Ukraine will live stream a concert from the Mykola Lysenko Column Hall.


Concert Program:


D.Bortniansky –Excerpts from the Opera “Alcide”:

– Overture

– Dance of Spirits

– Dance of the Furies

D. Klebanov – Schertzo Schedryk

                        (from the Quartet in Memory of Mykola Leontovych)


V. Zubytsky – Fatum Sonata

N. Krasotkina – “Music”

Recitation by Oleksandr Rudko

V. Poleva - Walking on Waters

I. Shamo – Vesnyanka

A. Biloshytsky – Two Improvisation in Jazz style:

        – Prelude Elegiac

        – Two Coryphaeus

V. Vlasov – Basso Ostinato

M. Rizol – Chardash

A. Stashevsky – Suite “Frescoes of Old Kyiv” (mov. III-IX)


With the participation of Oleksandr Rudko, spoken word


Give yourself to a pleasant evening with an exquisite music interpreted by amazing musician.  Join a live stream concert from the Mykola Lysenko Column Hall on May 18. The concert starts at 17:00.


To get access to listen to wonderful classics and favorite musicians live during online streaming from the Mykola Lysenko Column Hall, you need to:

1.       Pay per-view access.

2.      Receive an email with a personal link to the streaming platform.

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4.     Have the Internet to watch the concert live.

5.      If the signal from the platform cuts off, please update the link in the Internet access browser. And don’t forget to click the Play triangle on the left.

6.     If you still have technical problems, please write to the support service at

specifying the e-mail address to which you received the ticket for access to the online streaming.

Ticket prices: 100 UAH - 100 UAH

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